Calming Blankets Soothe Anxiety and Help You Sleep

Calming Blankets Soothe Anxiety and Help You Sleep

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Certified Australian-made
The Calming Blanket quality
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Clinical Studies Show That Calming Blankets Relieve Anxiety

One clinical study found that weighted calming blankets are a safe and effective tool to reduce anxiety. It found that a weighted blanket made the study’s participants feel safe, comforted and grounded.

  • 63% of the study’s participants reported lower anxiety after using a calming weighted blanket; and
  • 78% preferred the calming blanket to other ways of reducing anxiety.

Feels Like a Comforting All-Night Hug

light grey smooth minky weighted blanket

Weighted calming blankets press lightly on your body and exert Deep Pressure Touch. This Deep Pressure Touch is a firm but gentle pressure. It feels like a comforting hug.

According to Dr Mats Adler, consultant psychiatrist in the department of clinical neuroscience at Stockholm’s Karolinska Institutet, Deep Pressure Touch :

  • Relieves anxiety;
  • Helps you sleep better for longer; and
  • Calms anxiety.

He led another study that found that people using weighted blankets were 26 times more likely to achieve reduced insomnia than the control group. And 20 times more likely to have their insomnia go into remission

How the Calming Deep Pressure Touch Works

Deep Pressure Touch works to calm the physical and mental symptoms of anxiety. Here’s how it works:

Feel Less Stressed
Calming Blankets help you feel less overwhelmed
  • Deep Pressure Touch switches off the “fight or flight” instinct.
  • It then releases “feel-good” hormones and endorphins.
Sleep Better
Calming blankets help you sleep better
  • The weight of the calming blanket reduces body movement. This means longer and deeper restful rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.
  • It also triggers the release of sleep hormones.
Calm Anxiety
Calming Blankets Help Relieve Anxiety
  • Soothing Deep Pressure Touch helps your body feel calmer by slowing the heart and breathing rates. It also reduces your blood pressure.
  • It helps you feel calmer mentally by lowering stress hormone secretion by the brain.

Our Customers' Real-Life Stories

Here are some of our customer’s stories of how their calming blanket helped them sleep better and soothes their anxiety.


Helps Me Sleep So Well

I was so sceptical but I’m not exaggerating when I say this calming blanket has changed my life.

I used to dread going to bed, knowing I would be staring at the ceiling for hours.

Now I fall asleep easily and wake feeling refreshed, energised and ready for the day.

Thank you so much

– Tina L


It's Fantastic

I absolutely adore my beautiful pink calming blanket. 

The minky is lovely to the touch and I love stroking it to help decompress.

It really helps my anxiety and I am sleeping 6+ hours a night when I used to be lucky to get 3.

I bought one for my daughter too and she is much more together during the day because she’s sleeping better.

Recommending to everyone I know.

– Jenny M


10 Out of 5 Stars

This blanket helps so much when I’m having a panic attack. I can literally feel the anxiety drain away when I sit under it.

Definitely worth 10 stars not 5.

– Patricia R


Superb Quality

I spent weeks researching which was the best calming blanket to buy and I’m so glad I found this Australian one.

Great quality and so very good value and worth the money for it.

– Meredith P

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